P-LED Shines in BrandSurvey from Signs of the Times

P-LED placed in the top 3 spots in the marketplace for value, quality, and availability.

We knew it. They solidified it. Per independent research sponsored by Signs of the Times, Principal LED’s (P-LED) brand is strong and growing. P-LED placed top 3 spots in the marketplace for value, quality, and availability. When brands with small sample groups are removed, P-LED placed first in price, service, and likelihood to recommend.

P-LED led the way in various categories in the report by Signet Research Inc., an independent research company. The objective of the study sponsored by Signs of the Times was to measure brand perceptions, purchase consideration, and likelihood to recommend companies across 14 sign related categories.

“We are thrilled to see the industry recognizing the growth P-LED has seen since 2010,” P-LED partner/owner Blake Vincent said. “Being recognized as one of the top three LED suppliers in the industry is where we knew we were, but now this research shows the strength of our positioning.”

Per the study completed between March 10th and March 21st 2017, P-LED placed 1st (when statistically insignificant sample groups were removed) for NPS score which measures likelihood to recommend with over 50% respondents stating they are promoters of the brand.

“We love our customers at Principal LED and make promoting and supporting the industry one of our primary goals,” Principal LED’s VP of Marketing, Jessica Pirkle said. “We are proud to have placed above many other big players in the LED field and look forward to continued growth.”

Original Report

Find LED results starting pg. 44


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