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Yes, photometric/IES files are available upon request.
Yes, as long as the number of LEDs attached is under the maximum load for the power supply, it does not matter how many leads are connected.
Principal Sloan’s standard policy is to split the load to ensure no light loss and that the products achieve peak performance.

A lumen is a measurement of the brightness of an LED, and Kelvin temperature is a measurement of the CTT or color of an LED. Visit our Principal Sloan U section for additional educational and training resources.

Efficacy is a measurement that shows how many lumens are created by an LED per watt of power, indicating the efficiency of the LED.
24V LEDs allow for more run footage, but 12V LEDs have the same brightness, efficiency, and lifespan.
The distance depends on the gauge of wire used, whereby the thicker the wire, the further the length. Visit the Principal Sloan Document Library for more information.
No, the DLC and Energy Start programs lack categories for LEDs used in commercial sign lighting; however, they each use LM-79, and LM-80 reports from third-party testing facilities to determine their standards, which are available from Principal Sloan upon request.
Yes, UL information is available upon request.

For UL information, please log in to the UL product iQ database and search for the E number provided on the product datasheet.

Measuring the value with a light meter is the best choice when determining nits. The number of nits depends on the LED used, the depth and dimensions of the sign, the face material used, and the distance from the sign that you take the measurement. In most cases, there are far too many factors to calculate accurately, so measuring it will yield the best result.
It varies slightly depending on the LED used, but the average is at least 50,000 hours, and in support of this, we have the LM80 reports available upon request.
Yes, if the dimming method is pulse width modulation (PWM).
Principal Sloan has over 75 distribution locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and South America. Navigate to Where to Buy for a listing by state and specific location.

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