Principal Lighting Group is Granted Additional LED Retrofit Patent

It’s Principal LED’s fifth LED-to-fluorescent replacement patent.

Principal LED (P-LED) has been granted U.S. Patent No. 10,400,960, which relates to our market-leading Stik™ family of direct-connect LED retrofit assemblies.

“This latest patent further expands our intellectual property portfolio and will add features to continue to simplify the fluorescent-to-LED retrofit conversion process,” partner at P-LED, J. Bryan Vincent said.

Patent 10,400,960 covers the use of a fluorescent to LED retrofit that is powered through the existing sockets, removing the need for rewiring the interior of difficult to access signs. This is Principal LED’s fifth LED to fluorescent replacement patent, alongside U.S. Patent No. 10,024,501, U.S. Patent No. 9,851,054, U.S. Patent No. 9,311,835, and Canadian Patent No. 2,759,366.

“We anticipate existing Stik products with a “wireless” option to be commercially available in the coming months,” Vincent said. “In addition to inventing products that improve the retrofit process, we continue to assemble our products in the U.S. to ensure quality and provide just-in-time customization for our clients.”

P-LED’s patented product lineup includes:

• Tap Out™ Stik
• Qwik Stik™
• Street Stik™
• Pinnacle Stik™

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Principal Lighting Group is an innovator and market leader in the commercial sign industry and offers a full range of firstin-class quality and performance signage products under its Principal LED , Ventex Technology, and Aries Graphics International brands. PLG’s products include a complete range of new and retrofit LED solutions for channel letters, sign cabinets, architectural and linear lighting, as well as power solutions supported by superior quality, performance and world class customer service and support. Ventex’s products continue to serve the neon lighting industry with industry-leading transformers, sign switches, enclosure boxes, and other components. Aries’ products service the international commercial sign industry with their LED Wizard software, providing companies with the ability to develop LED layouts for channel letters and sign cabinets. For more information about PLG, its offerings, and its patents, please visit


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