Tap Out™ Stik

Closing the price gap between LEDs and Fluorescents.

Tap Out™ Stik closes the price gap between LEDs and fluorescent, so you’ll break even lightning fast on your retrofit illumination projects.

  • The most cost-effective retrofit system on the market
  • Fastest payback on the market
  • All Tap Out™ Stiks come with pre-assembled whips for easy installation
  • Comes in standard color temperature
  • Batwing optic lens for even illumination at all cabinet depths (12″–30″ Double-Sided)
  • Standard lengths available (18″–120″)
  • Two mounting options:
    • Fits into existing sockets for retrofits
    • New Construction Mounting Brackets



Depth from Stik to Face Estimated Spacing between Stiks
5” 10″
6″ 12″
7″ – 8″ 16″
9″ – 12″ 18″
>12 (Use two banks Single-Sided)

Note: Product and depth may vary depending on face material and desired brightness.

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