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Retrofitting 101

Learn how to help your customers decide whether to retrofit their existing signage or install new.

Adding New Life to an Old Sign

Retrofitting existing electric signs is in vogue as retailers look for ways to save energy, reduce maintenance, and enhance their image to drive sales. Learn how to identify the critical factors in helping your customer decide whether to retrofit their existing signage or install a new sign. Have questions? Contact us today!

How-To: Fluorescent to LED Installation

Follow along step-by-step during the retrofit of a cabinet sign from fluorescent to LED.

Retrofitting Step-By-Step

  1. Disconnect the power to the cabinet at the breaker box and remove the existing ballasts and lamps
  2. Install new LED power supplies as needed
  3. Install your new Stiks using existing sockets
  4. Connect wires across your lamps and connect them to the new power supply


  • Installation must only be performed by a licensed electrician.
  • To prevent death, injury, or damage to property, product installation must be in accordance with the National Electric Code in the USA or Canadian Electrical Code (CSA22.1) in Canada.
  • These instructions are meant to be used in accordance with all NEC and local electrical codes. This document does not supersede any local, state, or national regulations.


  • Check power to sign
  • Check the power connection to the driver
  • Check polarity on the Direct Current side (Gray+ / White-)
  • Check wire nut connections to each Stik

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